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During my trip to Brookings, South Dakota, USA (9-24 October 2009) to visit my daughter.  We had a chance to visit Pipestone, South West of Minnesota.  Pipestone is the largest historic district of Minnesota with many beautiful quartzite buildings and they are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Beside visiting the building Stone, the stone was quarried locally, we also visited the Moore Block- sculptures in Sandstone.  The gargoyle-like stone carving of this 1896 building are the work of L.H. Moore.  We also went to visit Pipestone National Monument, but we went there too late.  The Monument office was nearly closed.  So we went to look around outside.  

We went to see the Three Maidens.  The large granite boulders once formed one large single boulder some 50 feet in diameter.  The boulders was deposited by glaciers.  This place has been designated as a sacred site by the Sisseton-Wahpeton tribe.

The Fort Pipestone was another place we had visited.  It is located at the entrance of the Pipestone National Monument.  Inside the Fort, there are many attractive things including American Indian crafts, variety colour stones, craft items, the Red Stone Pipe, post cards, books etc.  (more information about Pipestone visit: www.nps.gov/pipe or www.pipestonestar.com )  Sawadee ka.

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